Aero Clip on interupters

Cross-Top Brake Levers for Aero Clip-On

This was a customer that used aero clip-ons not for aero reasons but for long distance touring. The idea was to maximize the number of available riding positions in order to avoid strains from being in one position for too long. He wanted cross-top brake levers as well so I made him some custom lever bodies that integrate right into his Profile Design clip-ons and make use of the commonly available Tektro RL 721 lever blades.

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ks post 2

KS Dropper Post Upgrade

These old KS posts had a common problem. If your line got kinked, the lever would have a hard time returning back to the upright position. This taller button makes the red lever start at a higher point, which means that if you want, you can fit a small coil spring around the exposed cable to increase the return force of the red lever. If you try to do this without the taller button, the coils of the spring bind before the post is engaged.

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