Suspension Department


There are so many people that do basic suspension service on forks (main seals and oil). I’m of most use for people that already know their way around a fork, but they’ve run into a problem that’s outside the realm of the basic service. Maybe it’s a broken rebound needle, maybe your stanchions are creaking like crazy or maybe your old Fox 40 keeps blowing bladders and bending damper baseplates. Whatever it is, I can make an improved part for a fairly low cost compared to the competition. Most people send me really neat stuff like Specialized Brain dampers or Elka cartridges but I can work on any of the more common dampers as well.

Base rate for servicing a damper: $50 plus parts

Most custom parts like needles and baseplates run between $20-$30

Stanchion creak Loctite service: $50 if you send just the uppers



I’ll service any shock ever made and I offer this service to anyone in the world. For whatever reason, less people seem to know how to work on these and they’re much smaller items than forks so feel free to send any shock my way. I’ll be happy to do either a basic service if it’s leaking or do something more involved like replace a broken part or scored shaft. Most people send me shocks that nobody else is willing to work on like DT Swiss Equalizers, Curnutt shocks from Foes bikes or old stuff like Stratos but I can do all modern shocks as well.

Base rate for servicing a coil shock: $50 plus parts

Base rate for servicing an air shock: $60 plus parts

Most custom parts: $20-$30


Dropper Posts: 

Any problem that your dropper post has, I can solve it. I’ve even made custom polymer bushings for Rockshox Reverbs before.

Dropper post diagnosing: $60 plus parts



Drop me a line at for any service request. I’m currently based in Vancouver BC.