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Fork Bushing Tools

Here’s the thing, you can get fork bushings relatively cheaply but the tools cost an insane amount of money. Here’s a cheaper but highly functional alternative to what’s currently out there.

All you have to do is screw the rod onto the part that looks a bit like the Park Tool headset punch and aim for the hole at the bottom of the fork. I have adapters for different sized holes.

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Then screw on the hammer pad. Doesn’t it look like a button? Just hit it and the bushings come right out with no damage to them whatsoever. So much easier than the slide hammer that all current bushing tools use.

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You have a few options with how to get the new bushings in to the lowers. You can tap the new bushings in with a socket and extension, you can use the puller tool in reverse or you can use my dedicated bushing insertion kit. Once the new bushings are in, they’re usually really tight so I made this bushing sizing tool. Just force it through the bushings  with a twisting motion and you’ll have perfectly honed out bushings in your fork. I can make any size you need.

burnishing tool

I can make entire tool sets with all the required sizes for both bushing sizing and also bushing insertion.

bushing tool set

The insertion parts fit onto the same tool body as the sizing tool. It has a hardened steel end so you can tap new bushings in thousands of times easily with a metal hammer and still not wear the tool out.  It also comes with a clamp to make it easy to set the depth of the bottom bushing.

bushing insert 2


bushing insert 3

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