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Fork Bushing Tools

Here’s the thing, you can get fork bushings relatively cheaply but the tools cost an insane amount of money. Here’s a cheaper but highly functional alternative to what’s currently out there.

All you have to do is screw the rod onto the part that looks a bit like the Park Tool headset punch and aim for the hole at the bottom of the fork. I have adapters for different sized holes.

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Then screw on the hammer pad. Doesn’t it look like a button? Just hit it and the bushings come right out with no damage to them whatsoever. So much easier than the slide hammer that all current bushing tools use.

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You can tap the new bushings in with a socket and extension or with the puller tool but in reverse. Once the new bushings are in, they’re usually really tight so I made this bushing sizing tool. Just force it through the bushings ¬†with a twisting motion and you’ll have perfectly honed out bushings in your fork. I can make any size you need.

bushing tools

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