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Bike Fitting Wheel Riser

Some bike fitting specialists I know asked me to make them a wheel riser. Here it is.

They wanted something to be able to accurately level the client’s bike after they put it in the trainer but also they wanted to be able to do incline tests for a climber’s fit as well. Not only that, they wanted a degree gauge to visually see the percentage grade climb they’re simulating and be able to return to zero without the need for measuring again. So I made this gizmo and I’ve been encouraged to offer it to the public. It’s a high quality product that I make with my own hands right here in North America. I’m offering it at 299 USD.

Email me to put in your pre-order: livamysta26@hotmail.com

Let’s talk about the product.

wheel riser 4

You can see the rollers fit very nicely into the frame and they feature a step down in the middle that a road bike wheel falls into the perfectly for easy centering. This does mountain bike fittings very nicely as well with plenty of clearance for plus sized tires. The hand wheel is a good size and has indentations for easy gripping and turning. It also features an 8mm hexagon in the center for those that want to make quick incline changes using a power drill. I even make the wheels on this thing myself from durable polyurethane. They each roll on large sealed cartridge bearings for smooth operation.

wheel riser 5

Here’s the angle-meter that pivots along with the main pivot. Once you’ve levelled your client’s bike, just push the angle-meter down until the stopper tab hits the lower frame member. This gets you your zero angle reading which will be a great reference for you when you want to go back down to zero after an incline test. Of course you’ll be able to see the percentage grade you’re simulating with it too. I’ll laser print 0, 4, 8, and 12 percent grades onto the angle-meter for easy readability from a distance.

wheel riser 2

wheel riser 1

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